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Roberts Confirmed

John Roberts was confirmed today as the 17th Chief Justice of the United States. At 50 he is the second youngest Chief Justice in history. The handy majority of votes (78-22) in his favor is a tribute to his integrity and to some of the most impressive judicial credentials for a nominee in recent times. Under those circumstances, only some of the most die-hard left ideologues were still willing to vote against him. Unfortunately for Democrats most of those ideologues are also "stars" of Democratic party: John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Evan Bayh, Barack Obama, Edward Kennedy, Harry Reid. For the most of them, this seems to have been an opportunity to score some cheap points with their base in a run-up to to presidential elections of 2008 and beyond.


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Dearest one, get your facts correct. Roberts is just 50, not 55.

Thanks Sharmin, I have already corrected it. Ah, the beauty of blogs - no datum can escape unverified.

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